Logan Adventures: About Time Antique Mall

This morning, Sarah and I started on our Logan adventures! We had a blast. Logan is the cutest town ever. I am falling in love deeper and deeper the longer I live here. Anyway, before I get all mushy-gushy, let’s talk about this great adventure we had. Sarah, as you may or may not know, is my best friend from high school. We’ve stayed close since we graduated and now that we are both in Logan, we’re determined to have epic Logan adventures. Something that both of us have always really enjoyed are antique shops. There was really cute one back home that we would go to all the time. Thankfully, we found one that is similar to the one back home. It’s called About Time Antique Mall and it’s located off of main street. We had a lot of fun going there! Before we went, we stopped to pick up some drinks. As we were walking down the drink aisle, this happened:


Sarah spotted her name on the Diet Coke bottle. She pulled it out and then BOOM. There was my name. We just had to take a picture before we got our drinks.


We’re kinda obsessed with Calypso drinks. They are not healthy whatsoever. Loaded with sugar and all sorts of naughty things that you probably shouldn’t have on a daily basis. But it’s okay. Cheating every once in a while isn’t a bad thing.


Finally, we arrived at the About Time Antique Mall. Sarah was a little excited. . . . just a little if you couldn’t tell.


We started outside of the store because there was a TON of stuff that was sitting outside and behind the shop. It was pretty cool.



When you first walk in, there is a bunch of beautiful jewelry under the class counter which I completely forgot to take a picture of (I may go back to snag a picture). After that, the shop is laid out like a typical antique shop. Most of the antique shop looked like the pictures that are above.It was pretty cool.


This is the super cool bottle cap car. It was a little pricy but still cool. Oddly enough, I used to collect bottle caps so this really caught my eye.


There was an incredibly pretty vintage wedding section that I’m pretty sure we spent a solid five minutes just staring at. It was so pretty.


This is part of the shrine to the lime green dishes. We loved it! Especially Sarah! She has the cutest kitchen with lime green and a bright blue so she was in paradise when we saw this.


And this would be perfect for her kitchen too! Isn’t it cute?!


Like any antique store, there are always those weird odds and ends that are just lying around.


I like me some antlers. How ’bout you?


And of course, Mickey and Minnie Mouse were all over the shop. These were my favorite ones that we saw.


At some point, we saw this pillow. I feel like this describes the both of us very well.


Then there was this creepy glass doll. Classic vintage piece (I actually have a couple of glass dolls sitting in my hope chess at home) that creeps everyone out. We saw a bunch of cups that had faces on them and other dolls but they were too scary to take a picture of.


At some point in the store, we saw this beautiful elephant. I LOVE elephants. When I was a little girl, I rode one. It was terrifyingly cool. Ever since then I’ve been obsessed with them.


The elephant made me really happy.


There were a ton of really beautiful jewelry boxes. Most of them played music when you opened a drawer. They were so pretty. I just love jewelry boxes. They make me very happy.


Hmmm…what is this?


It’s a full-body suit that sparkles! I think Michael Jackson would be proud.


We found a lot of pretty Chinese and Japanese things. Sarah’s husband served his mission over there so anytime we see anything like that we have to stop and admire it.


Sarah’s husband drives a motorized bike. She was pretty excited when she found this helmet because eventually she’s going to get one.


I swear, every single antique store that I go to always has Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boy books. It’s a classic!


Sarah and I saw this at the exact same time. HOLY FREAKIN’ TURKEY!!! It was far more terrifying than the glass doll we saw.


All in all, this was a cute shop. There wasn’t really anything that we just have to have at this antique shop. And we were pretty disappointed that there weren’t a ton of tea cups. They are the cutest things ever! But it was a cool store. Customer service wasn’t all that great. We were greeted towards the end of our tour and she talked to us for about a minute. But other than that, it wasn’t great.


Our rating: Three out of five stars.


Have you ever been here? Have you gone to an antique shop lately?

My Most Excruciatingly Embarrassing Moment

Yesterday, I officially met roommate #2. She was bringing in her things with a guy. We talked for a moment and then I said something really stupid. I wanted to die from embarrassment so naturally, I texted Sarah:


I hid in the bathroom until they left. Eventually, I did face her and apologize again. She seemed to be fine. She said that her boyfriend gets that a lot because he doesn’t shave. Hmm…I would think that would be enough motivation to shave daily. But that’s just me. Oh well.

Can anyone top that embarrassing moment?

The Truth About Roommates

They are crazy. They drive me insane. And most of all, I usually come to love them to death. Roommates are those people who you share your housing contract with because you can’t afford to pay for it by yourself. They are the people who see you at the end of the day and ask how your day was. They are the ones who put up with your crazy habits, weird fetishes, and obnoxious music. Roommates are the ones who make you laugh, cry, and flat-out crazy. Roommates pretty much see it all.

I once had nine roommates. Although I love each of them to death, I had my moments when I was about ready to sleep in my car because I had enough. Thankfully, that never happened and everything ended up working out just fine. But this round of roommates . . . well, I’m not really sure what to make of them.

Roommate #1: Mysterious Roommate With No Name
I came home from work today and I found several new pieces of furniture that we not there when I left for work. I found some of my boxes had been moved from storage and replaced by a washer and dryer. It wasn’t a big deal. I just stuck all of them in my closet. But I sure would like to meet this mysterious roommate.

Roommate #2: Mysterious Roommate With A Name
She’s the gluten-free one who is on the messy side. She seems pretty nice but I’m not sure on the whole social aspect. I think I freaked her out today when I introduced myself. Like an idiot, I kept talking (mostly because I was nervous) and talking. By the time I was walking into my room, and she was into hers, I turned to say “see ya later” and the door was closed. I think I might have scared her for life. No big deal.

And then there’s me.

Roommate #3: Non-mysterious Roommate With Clean Freak and Travel-themed obsession.
The girl who moved out took the shower curtain so I went shower curtain hunting tonight and found a really cute one at Kohl’s. It’s a vintage Pairs, Rome, London themed curtain and I’m in love with it. I’m a huge fan of the travel themed because it reminds me to chase my dreams and to not let anything stop me from living life to the fullest. Call me cheesy, but that’s honestly what it makes me think of.

Next to roommate #2, I’m a clean freak. You can see the floor. All of my clothes are put away. My dishes are done. You can see the floor (shocker, I know). And cherry on top: I have a clean bathroom, and kitchen (except it’s dirty because someone came in and messed it all up. Humph.). It’s pretty great.

While I was on my mission and as a Freshman in college, I quickly learned that I cannot handle messes. They drive me crazy and seriously mess with my ability to focus, remain calm, and on task. As the scriptures say, “a cleanly house is a godly house.” But more than that I just do it to keep my own sanity.

Between trying to keep my sanity while easing into the idea of having to share a room with someone once fall semester starts, I’m going to do my best to not let the messes get to me. Everyone has their own definition of cleanliness and mine is just a little more extreme than most.

I’m excited to get to know my roommates. I hope that we’ll have grand adventures together and flirt with lots of cute boys. And maybe even go on some dates. We’ll see. But most of all, I’m grateful for roommates. They really do keep me anchored and remind me to not take myself so seriously when I do. So, I guess, the truth about roommates is this: They are awesome. They will drive you insane. But they will also be your friend when you need one.

Do you have any funny roommate stories?

The Inside Scoop: Salad Edition

It’s been awhile.

Okay, maybe it hasn’t but it feels like it has been forever.  My new place is great. I have a roommate that is moving out and another one who is MIA. She’s gluten-free so this will be interesting (been there, done that, never doing it again!) trying to not cross-contaminate everything. Wish me luck! Anyway, it’s been while since I’ve posted food stuff so here we finally go!


The small corner pictures are from the drive up here. It wasn’t too bad of a drive and it went very fast once I hit the canyon. I am so grateful that Kara was able to come and help me unload the cars (plus her really nice friend who offered to come help). Once I unpacked and found all of my dishes, I decided to make rice, chicken, and hard-boiled eggs for the week. I love hard-boiled eggs for breakfast plus my Chobani or I’ll scramble eggs or sometimes I just stick with the easy cold cereal. It just depends on the morning.


For yesterday’s dinner, I made a grilled chicken strawberry salad with a side of apples and strawberries. I had the lime Chobani flip thingy (I can’t remember what it’s called) for dessert. It was super great. However, my favorite part of this entire meal was my mug. Not what was in it. Just the mug. It’s a pretty sweet one of Stonehenge.

20140724-222920-80960289.jpgThe strawberry salad had apples, cottage cheese, strawberries, grilled chicken and the light raspberry salad dressing on it. It was so yummy. I will be making more salads like that! I had a ton of left overs so I’m set for the rest of this weekend on lunch and dinner.


For today’s salad, I added 2 hard boiled eggs to the salad that I had made the night before. It was super good. I’m tellin’ ya, if all salads are this good then I’m sold for life!


I was very excited to use my new egg slicer. It was so quick and there wasn’t a mess after I cut it. That was a major bonus.


All in all, I’m so excited for the whole “let’s try new salads” thing and for being here in Logan. I’m so excited to see what adventures come this school year. I’m so excited to get into the English Education program and to meet so many new people. I’m so excited to see what Heavenly Father has in store and to grow, learn, and experience new things. It’s going to be incredible!




What adventures have you gone on lately? Have you had any yummy salads that you’d care to share? Let me know!

Logan Adventures: I’m Alive!

Welcome to Logan, UT.

This is the place where happiness stays.

This is the place where memories are made.

This is the place to be.

My first 48 hours of Logan have been pretty crazy.

Roommates met: 1.

Roommates moving out: 1.

Roommates: 2.

Walmart runs: 4.

Peopled that moved me in: 2.

Time it took to unpack: 2 1/2 hours.

Meals cooked: 4 (I’ll post those soon!).

Movies watched: 1 (The Vow).

Homework done: All but two assignments!

Pinterest breaks: Too many.

Friends seen: 1. Soon to be 3. Can’t wait until Sunday!

Phone calls home: 3.

Driven around Main Street: 7.

Places I wanna visit: TOO MANY!!!

Moths: 1 in the bedroom. It thinks it owns the place.

Music listened to: Everything and anything.

Fiz N Fry: 1st visit! I saw my friend who owns it. I’m excited to bring my roommates so we can have some soda and fries.


100 Posts And Counting!!!

In honor of this being the 101th post of Destination Sunshine, I thought it would be fun to go back and look at the most popular posts, most commented, followers, and more. Here we go!

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Followers Stats:

WordPress: 96 Followers

Facebook: 635

Tumbler: 2

Twitter: 53

Total: 787 [Although, I don't know if Facebook and Twitter count because they all "follow" me because I have my posts connected to my accounts...]

My Favorite Posts:

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5. Meet the Fish Killers

Who ever said we’re the fish killers?!


It’s been a crazy ride, Destination Sunshine readers! But every single post has been worth it. So THANK YOU for sticking with me. Thanks for reading my thoughts, stories, rants, raves, ect. Thanks for commenting. Thanks for EVERYTHING. You guys are the best. :) . . . Now, I do have to demand that you answer these questions because your opinion MATTERS to me.

  • What are your personal favorite posts?
  • What would you like to see me write about?
  • Do you have ANY suggestions?



The reflection in the mirror


This is incredible. I strongly believe that inner beauty is the second greatest thing that any of us have. If we look deep enough, we can see how our loving Heavenly Father sees us.

Originally posted on A journey of faith...:

true beauty, girls, beautiful inner beauty The ideal woman: 5’5, weighs 100 pounds, wears a size 5, has flawless skin, beautiful long hair, and a hot new outfit every day… oh… and let’s not forget the Brad Pitt look alike that’s always by her side.

Who is this girl you might ask?

You guessed it!

The one and only doll that most of us were so fond of when growing – Barbie.

It is she that creates the standard of beauty that most girls try to follow as they grow up.

It used to be that girls began caring about their body image when they reached their adolescence.

Not so anymore.

The typical age when a girl begins dieting in our culture? 8 years old.

Rather than playing outside and having no worries about anything, which is how life should be like at 8 years old, girls are self-conscious about how they look and are going…

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