New updates to Destination Sunshine and more!

Whew! The past couple of days have been insane. I’ve been reorganizing my blog and updating everything,  started my old job again (same one I had before my mission), and I got new running shoes!  I am so excited to get back in shape. I’m going to become a gym rat. Maybe I’ll blog about it–we’ll se. It’s so nice to finally have a normal routine. The past two months since I’ve been home have been tedious because I have had nothing to keep me busy besides blogging ( and there is a limited amount of blogging I can handle every day). Anyway, before this post turns into three pages, here are the NEW changes to Destination Sunshine:

Updated Theme!

  • Do you like the new layout?

Updated and NEW Pages!

  • Who Me [Updated]
  • Follow Me [NEW]
  • Why I Believe [Updated]
  • The Jabberwocky Hunt [Deleted–moved to FAQs]
  • Lessons from Shurleah [No changes]
  • FAQs [NEW]

Updated and NEW Peachy Topics!

  • Essays  [NEW]
  • Memoirs [NEW]
  • Opinion [NEW]
  • Poetry
  • Lessons from Shurleah [current project]
  • The Jabberwocky Hunt [every day rambles]

NEW and Updated Features:

  • Your Favorites: This is where the top clicks and likes will show up
  • Instagram: The 5 newest pictures will still show up [NOTE: The Twitter and Pinterest buttons can be found on “Follow Me.”]
  • Countdown: Months until fall semester starts (I’m kinda excited for homework!)
  • Follow buttons: Email and WordPress follow buttons are still here. Other follow buttons (like my Instagram, Pinterest, ect.) can be found at the “Follow Me” page. I’m still trying to work out a couple of kinks with linking them but for now, my usernames are there so you can search for me. That’s a mouthful. Sheesh.
  • New side picture: “Life is not meant to ONLY be appreciated in retrospect.” –Dieter F. Uchdorf …It’s my new favorite quote!

If you have any suggestions on how I can improve this blog or any comments, feel free to let me know! Happy Jabberwocky hunting! xo Sam

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